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Wax Museum

First, I was wondering if anyone has ideas on costumes for "George Washington". . The 4th grade class my child is having a "wax museum" and that he has to make a costume of "George Washington". Second, the teacher said that the "wax museum" is to ensure that each child dress up as a president and give an oral report. You know what a "wax museum" is, and some idea of how it would submit its report? Thanks for the help and time. Well, I have the answer. A wax museum is a type of museum with sculptures of famous people and characters that are made out of wax. While attractions were very common in the 18th and 19th centuries, very few remain around today (The most famous Madame Tussaud's in London, England, United Kingdom). My suggestion would be to do a search on yahoo / google images of george washington and not take what she's wearing. Generally speaking, there are two types of dress that is represented in Washington: Military dress uniform and social dignitary (i. E. Formal) attire. Find what you make it easy for you to do and go from there. (If you have a local costume shop, should not be hard to find a colonial military uniform jacket and / or a powdered white wig). Good luck