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Does anyone know how, a few sites that show what the Titanic might have seemed if it still exists? Or as an online tour for people to see underwater, or pieces of it in a museum? Thank you. . I think I found an answer. What a good question. As a librarian, I am often asked questions about the Titanic. In my research I found some great places to explore. First, try to go to the site of Expedition Titanic RMS Titanic Inc. Has created this site to document your underwater exploration of the Titanic site beginning on 18 August this year. Keep track of the live broadcast of daily news and watch videos from different parts of the ship. Captain State Room is particularly interesting. The Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri offers a brief online "tour" of various parts of the ship – all recreated using real artifacts, you can see here: Go to history. Com to experience an interactive tour of Titanic. Explore the photos of the ship, before and after the disaster. You'll also find 13 videos and galleries of two to pour through. I was on this site for over an hour. To experience 3D virtual tour, check out www 3D Titanic. Titanic3d. Com / pages / accueil_en. Htm. After downloading the 3D software you can stroll the deck of the Titanic as if you were really there. Finally, I would like to review special exhibition of the Encyclopedia Britannica: Titanic found here Although there are no concerts of video, hundreds of photographs and lots of interesting information overlook. Hope you have fun.