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Victoria Albert Museum

Hello. My mother and I are planning a week-long trip to Britain in March. What are some places, attractions, shows, shops, restaurants, in Ireland and England, do not miss if you visit first? In England we are thinking of going to the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square. We will be in Ireland for St. Patrick's Day. From what I can tell … Are you referring to Britain and Ireland? Because then you have completely lost Scotland and Wales. . All the places I've listed are basically in the same area of London. So if you are especially concerned can not prove Madame Tussauds (famous great museum full of great people wax celebrities more interesting than it sounds), Buckingham Palace (the queen lives there), millions of museums, the Tower of London The London Eye (huge wheel, I've been in that which is very good), shopping on Oxford Street, the West End theaters are pretty world has ever known. The second city where I'm from Birmingham has its good points too, the Symphony Hall, second only to that place in Sydney always show the Balti Triangle, The Bullring (Selfridges the largest in Europe, creating points ), the British Museum and Gallery has Sarehole Mill, where JR R Tolkien author of The Lord of the Rings grew, the think tank, Aston Hall, Jewellery Quarter Alton Towers and Drayton Manor theme parks, Cadbury World, hmm maybe I'm biased. Outside of Birmingham is the Lake District, Snowdonia, Black Pool, Devon and Cornwall are coastal cities if you like that sort of thing, Google Glasgow and Edinburgh and the Scottish Highlands. I could try to Cardiff and Aberystwyth (I love that city) for Ireland who have no idea that they have not been since I was 18 months old. Oh, and always go to a pub, where you go, you should try Haggis (including vegetarian), the Cadbury chocolate itself, proper English tea, watches Eastenders and Blackadder and Hamish Macbeth ever get into a black cab that charge ceiling and if someone asks if you want a kiss from Glasgow run a mile. Hope that helps