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We earlier historical period is the era that we have enough evidence to speak, and is divided into Paleolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic. . But that actually makes this classification? Who called Paleolithic, Mesolithic, etc. Well, I have the answer. On November 12, 1734, Nicholas wrote an article saying Mahudel uses three :: Stone, bronze and iron — what these objects were used in his time. The concept of division of the prehistoric ages in metal-based systems extends far back in history. The current system of the three ages archaeological main stone, bronze and iron, originates with the Danish archaeologist Christian Jurgensen Thomsen (1788-1865). He put the system on a more scientific basis by typological and chronological studies. For information on the names Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and Neolithic, you need to read the following website. There seems to be a big argument about who started these particular names. In the article, the arguments and the names were quite long, do not chase him. Until he decided it would be named what, when. . .