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I have to do an assignment on “Comparative analysis on representation of the body from pre historic to roman era. ” Now all I find on wikipedia and elsewhere on the web is “detailed” info on pre historic/ roman art. . But the thing is I have my submissions tomorrow, an I’m clueless as to what to do. . . I have hardly 9 hours left to complete the project. It has to have “300 words” + visuals. . . So anyone plzzzzzzzz. . I beg you help meeeee….. Any link, any info, will be deeeeeeply appreciated. I love you guys. <3. Do you know what I found? You are basically comparing line art stick drawings, with proper figure statues in form, Paleolithic and Neolithic Art ~jmj3/sna_whe1. Htm Roman Era art with Pre-history, that could be misconstrued as anywhere from ten thousand years ago to millions of decades ago, with Roman art, that could be from ancient Greek times and up to the latest few centuries, as Analysis , you merely need to describe techniques of design , the elements , and the skills for features or representation , as being of the old art, line art and contours, but with some the geometrics of design are somewhat complex for times , the more modern Roman arts are definitive as proportionate features, skillfully crafted , paintings and statues, some from neighboring countries as Greece, and later France and European influence, _____________ .