ECO S Eugene

Economic S Eugene

Museums in Ottawa

I'm planning on going to a museum in Ottawa with my family, but do not know which one to go. In my family there mom, dad, 2 brothers and 2 sisters. The youngest is a 13 almost 14, the following is a 16, then it's a 19, then a child is 23. From what I can tell … There is the National Gallery of Sussex Drive. Good collection of art and a wonderful building to walk around in. The National War Museum, in the central west. It focuses on the Canadian war effort so interesting collection of armored vehicles, especially the Second World War. I think more for the guys. Museum of Civilization (may be renamed History for now), a short trip across the Ottawa River in Hull / Gatineau. A good collection of Indian artifacts, ancient history, etc Museum of Nature – animals, birds, insects and dinosaurs. Also in the center. Museum of Science and Technology – in the southeastern part of the city. Some hands-on stuff, and steam locomotives. I think everyone can enjoy the National Gallery, the M of Nature and the M of Civilization. While you are here, try to go on a tour of the Parliament buildings.