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Is it reasonable to go to Victoria Station in British Museum walk? I looked at the route on the map, it looks good, but not sure. I've never been in the UK. The main reason why I like to go sightseeing on foot is, of course. Maybe some locals and experienced travelers could recommend anything to travel from this station to the British Museum because I have the intention to visit places like Trafalgar Square. . Any advice? . Well, I have the answer here. At the main station of the Victoria is an information center TFL (governing body for public transport in London). Pop in there and get yourself a Oystercard and put some credit on it (Oystercards offer cheaper fares on buses, subways, etc. Cash rate). Once you have a Oystercard, take bus 11, 148 or 211 bus and get off at Parliament Square, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben and the Houses of Parhyment. From there you can walk to Whitheall Downing Street, Horse Guards Parade and Trafalgar Square or catch a bus. From there you can walk to charring Cross Road Leicester Square and Covent Garden or take a bus, before going to Tottenham Court Road. So as you can see, you can do all the tourist top of a bus and wait in and out of your taste for less than 4. 00

Visite de l'Albert and Victoria Museum in London for NewLondon. Fr