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In Washington, DC, the Smithsonian Institution will soon welcome an addition to your family that houses works of art museums and other priceless relics.To celebrate the legacy and contributions of blacks in the U.S., the Smithsonian is developing the National Museum of African American History and Culture. The museum is the only institution devoted exclusively to the documentation of African American life, art, history and culture. Their presentations will cover topics as varied as slavery, reconstruction after the Civil War, the Harlem Renaissance and the civil rights movement. Aflac, an insurance company based in Columbus, Georgia, donated $ 1 million to the Smithsonian for the museum, making it the first company in the Fortune 500 to donate funds to build the brand. Corporate donations like these are vital to the future success of the museum and the timely submission of the public facilities. "Aflac is proud to lead the way in contributing to this worthy cause," said Dan Amos, chairman and CEO of Aflac. "The museum will serve as a great way to highlight the varied history of the United States while respecting African-American experience has been instrumental in the development of our great nation." Presenting the check to the Smithsonian, Aflac was presented with a special smithsonite stone in honor of his gift to the museum. In addition, Aflac was recognized with a special glass etching company name that is in the Hall of Benefactors of the Smithsonian, an honor designated by donors to the museum. Aflac is also dedicated to the fight against childhood cancer and sponsors the Aflac Cancer Center and Service Blood Disorders Children's Health in Atlanta as part of its major philanthropic effort. The company has committed more than $ 20 million for the center and over 66,000 plush Aflac Ducks have been sold, with proceeds benefiting the center.