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Museum Design

For a 8th grade school project, my group of 3 people will have to build and design our own museum, the approximate size of a school desk or larger. We have picked a Science Museum. I really could use your help with coming up with exhibit/room ideas or ways to make it creative. So far;; I have only thought of a Dinosaur Exhibit, Human Body, Solar System, Souvenir Shop. I need at least 10 major exhibits and 20 small but important ones. We will be making it out of different materials, and it seems easy to use cardboard or clay, but I want to be creative and use a variety of materials. For example;; What kind of materials can I use for stairs, trees, lightbulbs, dinosaurs, etc. Anything will help, like what I can do with bathrooms, doors, rooms, reception. Ideas of making the outside of my museum catchy, new, and creative. I have never been to a science museum, so a description of their different exhibits or whatever would help a lot. Any ideas, suggestions, or help will be GREATLY appreciated. Basically… The science museum of london has these cool exhibitions: The Science of Aliens, The Science of Spying and The Science of Survival here is a list of a couple science museums’ current and previous exhibitions: here is what I would do: (you might need to zoom in I made it pretty small) 1. Ticket center- guests need a place to pay for admission 2. Help desk- every museum i’ve been to has a help desk 3. Restrooms 4. Gift/souvenir shoo 5. Science lab- I saw this at the labrea tar pits in la this summer. it was REALLY neat. there were windows you could look through and watch scientists at work 6. dinosaur exhibit- you could make skeletons out of clay or cardboard or you could hot glue some of those candies you get at halloween shaped like bones. not sure if you could get a hold of them in april though. .

7. I’max theater. You could have a little sign outside with the show times and make up (or look up) some cool titles. maybe have showings of that planet earth show. I think disney is coming out with an earth movie in imax. you could have the screen black or print out a picture or draw one with a scene from whatever movie 8. Aeronautical exhibit- you could make planes out of cardboard or card stock and paint them 9. Spy technology exhibit-i think that would be cool- it’s on the london museum’s website 10. Science in art mini-exhibit- you could just put a little wall (out of cardboard, etc. ) with little pictures of science in art. you could include leonardo da vinci’s sketches of machines and anatomy 11. Human body interactive- I vaguely remember seeing something like this when I was little. the heart was like a playground and you could crawl in the intestinal tubes. I thought you could have a brain with little buttons and fake like the parts of the brain (frontal lobe, etc. ) light up when you push the correct button. 12. Child care room- for the little ones so the parents and older, non distracting kids can view the museum in peace 13. Greenhouse/botanical garden- you could either use real plants or fake ones or even make some out of construction paper. you could use vinyl fabric or even plastic bags or saran wrap for the walls- search for greenhouses in yahoo images to see what one looks like 14. Planetarium- you could take a bowl or something else round and cut it in half (so you can see into it) and paint it with constellations and/or plants. don’t forget the seats on this and the imax theater for the “guests” to sit in 15. On the room of the museum and up some cardboard stairs, you could add some telescopes for guests to use. 16. Science of survival- maybe something about primitive medicine or tools for survival, etc. This is also on the london museum’s website 17. Science of the future- I saw a show on the discovery channel about japan’s cool new smart houses with TONS of cool new technologies. 18. Endangered species mini-exhibit- you could put in pictures and information on endangered species including statistics. I drew footsteps on the ground to lead people into it. if that’s not enough you could also add exhibits on infectious diseases, science throughout history, science of the paranormal: aliens, monsters, ghosts, etc. , the science of film and photography, the elements- maybe have another interactive exhibit, geology, forensic science, etc. some things you could think about using are plastic cups, silverware, plates, etc. , cardboard, construction paper or decorative paper from a craft store like michael’s, pipe cleaners, beads, clay, crayola model magic, pebbles for a geology exhibit, aluminum foil, wire, mesh molding wire also from the craft store, aluminum cans, toilet paper/paper towel roles, fabric, tissue paper, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, foam, etc. that’s a fun assignment, I wish i’d had it. Hope I helped and good luck….

1st semester, Design II. Design for art and sculpture museum – Washington University, St. Louis.