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Major historical events

What important historical events have occurred in Sydney Australia as any earthquacks important? Or tsunamis. Or anything that affects the way we live Thanks. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. 1770 – Captain James Cook landed in Botany Bay. 1788 – site of the first major European settlement on the Australian continent – the solution later called Sydney. 1929 Great Depression hit Sydney badly over Sydney Harbour Bridge 1932 Hosted 1938 British Empire Games (now called Commonweath Games). 1973 Sydney Opera House opened. 1986 1994 flash floods Wildfires Sydney (see link below) 1999 – Hailstorm costliest natural disaster in Australian insurance history hosted the Olympic Games 2000 2001/2002 Bushfires Hosted Sydney 2003 Rugby World Cup 2007 Hosted APEC leaders (21 countries) 2008 days organized World Youth (Catholic) 2008 Personal note: My brother and his family lived in Gosford, north of Sydney during the 1994 wildfires. In the worst of the fires melted the F3 freeway, and cut him off where he worked in Sydney and his home. He chose to ride out the worst stay with friends in Sydney. Meanwhile, his wife could not be reached either because she and her children had been evacuated from their suburban home that was under threat. For a time it seemed that the only way out of Sydney was by boat as all main roads of the city in all directions was cut by wildfires. A pretty scary prospect for a city of 4 million people. Thankfully everyone was safe and sound after the events. She eventually did get home 24 hours later.