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The Muse du Louvre (Grand Louvre) or English inn Louvre Museum is a museum that can boast of some things that can boast of being one of the world's greatest museums in the world and the most visited museum in the world. Your visitors will star count the runner Museum, the British Museum. The British Museum has just over 5.5 million visitors, while the Louvre has 8.5 million visitors a year almost three million more. You can also assume that it is a historical monument and is a central reference point in Paris. Where is you will find some of the best holiday homes in France and Paris is a city full of culture.The museum is housed in the Louvre Palace, a building that was built as a fortress in the 12th century, but there are still remains of the fortress are still alive in the crypt. Over time the building has been expanded several times, especially during the Middle Ages to what you see today. The Louvre was abandoned by Louis XIV, who moved to the Palace of Versailles, while doing what he left most of his royal collection makes it a place to display them. These included items such as sculptures Louis a few years after he left the Acadmie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres and the Acadmie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture occupied the building. The Academy remained at the Louvre for 100 years and during the French Revolution, the National Assembly decided that the Louvre should be used as a museum to showcase some of the best masterpieces of the nation. On the anniversary of the first death on August 10, 1793 the monarchy the museum was open and had an exhibition of over 500 paintings and almost 200 works of art, with most of the pieces are the items that were taken from the church and real properties. The public had free access for three days a week the building had to be closed in 1796 due to structural problems the building had, was reopened in 1801. Napoleon's influence became strong as he amassed a collection that increased the amount the museum already had and because of this, the museum was renamed the Muse Napolon. Even after the defeat of Waterloo many works seized by Napoleon's armies were returned to their original owners. But that did not stop the collection grows because if during the reigns of Louis XVIII and Charles X of works increased and during the Second French Empire the museum had acquired 20,000 pieces. Holdings have grown steadily through donations and gifts since the Third Republic, except during the two world wars. Beginning in 2008, the collection is divided into eight curatorial departments: Egyptian Antiquities, Antiques eastern, Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Antiquities, Islamic Art, sculpture, decorative arts, paintings, prints and drawings. Today the museum has nearly 400,000 objects and 35,000 works of art in various departments and has over 60, 600 square meters dedicated to the permanent collection, has emerged as the place of interest in the book and film The Da Vinci Code . The museum has a huge payday by allowing filming in its galleries.