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Holocaust Museum

My family is planning a trip to Washington soon and want to see the Holocaust Museum. I heard it was great, but I'm worried about my little brother. He is 10 years old and I have fear that it might be difficult to control. What do you think. I was happy to learn … Honestly, when I went to the Holocaust Museum, I was very disappointed. As someone who was interested in the history of the Holocaust, was so excited to learn and see "real objects" and such. However, it was full of everything that I knew and I was very upset that there was nothing that I expected to be. Your brother will be fine, and there's even a place to take younger children where they walk through a house type structure and follow the story of a Jewish boy who lived the Holocaust. It's made for younger children to understand. Honestly, he will be fine. It came almost as annoying as I expected to be. Have fun though. We hope you enjoy a better experience than I