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History Museum Detroit

There are many museums in the city of Detroit, which include African American Museum, an art museum, history museum and science center. If you could recommend a single museum in the city limits of Detroit to a visitor to the city you are visiting Detroit, which museum would recommend you to visit and why? This place must be within the limits of the city of Detroit, saying that a place like The Henry Ford in Dearborn or the Chrysler Museum in Auburn Hill does not count. Of all the attractions in Detroit, I recommend the Art Institute of Detroit because reasonable priced, you can see many pieces of world-class art. Well, I have the answer here. I would recommend 1) Detroit Historical Museum a) reasonable access b) all about the history of Detroit or 2) Motown Museum) reasonable access b) history of Detroit Motown music era.

A video of the Detroit Institute of Arts Museum

The Detroit Historical Museum. Detroit Michigan is one of the most important cities in the history of the United States. Learn more about this awesome history museum in Motor City.