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Ecommerce was seen as a fad or gimmick when the pioneers of the process began. Certainly being tied to a computer screen to make a purchase, you should not expect to maintain the interest of consumers. However, progress was made and sales are conducted.One of the current problems associated with the first online transaction was the safety of personal financial information. As hackers gained access to the unencrypted data that was a rallying point for many e-commerce companies. There had to be a better way to do business online.The debut of encryptionEncryption Webopedia describes this way: "The translation of data into a secret code. Encryption is the most effective way to achieve data security. To read an encrypted file, you must have access to a secret key or password that allows decipher. "The keys were returned to ecommerce online businesses when it became encrypted transactions. The privacy of customer data to enable e-commerce to become a viable option for consumers once again.Suddenly the world of craft and industry extensions brick and mortar stores began to flourish and entrepreneurs began to dip your toe in the border cyber voluntarily.This was a new way of doing business in the forefront of intangibles. No longer business owners absolutely need a sales staff, and was not an outgoing personality required for startup business, and had no business means a store.Business Without BordersThe expansion possibilities that more and more companies began to recognize your business could be presented in a comprehensive manner.Business had been so associated with a company town, region or district, but online could take place without barriers or distinctions.Ecommerce enabled the 'every man an opportunity to explore the world of business. What had been seen as unattainable elite and suddenly an archaic notion. Electronic commerce thrived on a policy of 'non-discrimination'. Entrepreneurs of all ages, racial and economic levels began to find value in marketing for a worldwide clientele who cared more for the product of the arena of personal definition often makes brick and mortar business more difficult.A paradigm of InterestA phenomenon that has occurred in many storefronts that is the arrival of an increasing percentage of online sales, while sales from brick and mortar store can be static or slightly down. This suggests a change in purchasing decisions and buying patterns of consumers.Perhaps in the future we will see more product fulfillment centers and less brick and mortar and e-commerce storefronts continues to gain steam as an alternative class shopping.