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Historical sources

For sources of faith, what I have: Documents written by believers moved by the Holy Spirit. I am not getting what are historical sources. Any help? Please no rude comments will be deleted. After looking around, I learned – The historical sources are the things we found in the historical record: Archeology, contemporary sources, preferably […]

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Historic Georgia

My son and I want to take a trip to Savannah. . We are mainly interested in the historical and on tours. . How much money am I looking at spending. . . Also are there places there that is considered unsafe to have to worry about our safety? Oh I'm looking at staying maybe […]

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Historical names

I have to write a historical account of two pages on my summer for school. But I've never written one before and do not know how to write one or what points should be in it in order to make it a historical account. I have to do my job in August 30, so if […]


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Historical GDP

And then use that as proof of the tax cuts for the rich work? Below are historical GDP and tax revenue values. They are in current dollars and inflation adjusted constant dollars. I prefer to take into account inflation. If you were to trace the real GDP (chained 2000 dollars), you would see that every […]

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Historical Women

I need help finding the search for historical figures (women) who scarified their lives for another person or other people, because they knew what was right. Let's dress up as historical women and then I'm going to relate it to the biblical story of Queen Esther. We have one and Pocahontas … We need more. […]

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Historical Timeline

I was going to make a poster or powerpoint, but most people are doing that and we have more brands with creativity. I was thinking of making a video, but what are we supposed to submit, that will be a little difficult. Some of the information that we will be presenting is the geographical information, […]

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The romantic historical novels

I recently read the Code of Honor of Andrea Pickens and really liked it. I also enjoyed Shattered Dreams by Laura Landon. Can anyone recommend other historical romances like them. Stories where the main conflict between the hero and heroine occurs around a bet or because you are paying. Well, I have the answer here. […]

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Historical Events

Can I have 12 historical events that occurred in October? I know Columbus Day of the 13 and the 31 Halloween Thanks. Well, I have the answer here. The month of October has become famous as "Red October", due to the Russian Revolution of October 25, 1917, but in the modern Gregorian calendar, the revolution […]

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