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Pre Historic

I have to do an assignment on “Comparative analysis on representation of the body from pre historic to roman era. ” Now all I find on wikipedia and elsewhere on the web is “detailed” info on pre historic/ roman art. . But the thing is I have my submissions tomorrow, an I’m clueless as to […]

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Historical Ohio

For my homework I need to visit an Ohio place of historic interest. Does anyone have any suggestions. Essentially — William Howard Taft Birthplace is a National Park located in the 2000 block of Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati. Back soon with more. Google lists 1. 3 million hits. General heading Ohio Historical Sites and Ohio Historical […]

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Historical Houses

I want to go back to the 60s in some cities in CA. Is there anyplace online that features this? Please be specific – I need a site with this exact information, not just CA state house prices. Thank you. I am not looking to buy anything. I’m looking to see what houses cost in […]

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Important historical events

How do you tell a foreigner the important historical events of Korea and Korean historical events what those are. Essentially – Try to get them to think how important it was. To achieve an important, watch the event in the eyes of a Korean (like mine). A very, very important event in Korean history is […]

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Historic Names

Is it historical fiction or just historical. Today I learned that … It's historical fiction – but not in the usual sense. Most of the story is historical fiction partly as a backdrop, and another story unfolds in front of her. In this, the actual murder and the search for the murderers is the central […]

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Historical Stories

In the Bible's historical accounts are based on real events Is there something like this now if so an example would be appreciated. I was so happy to find this – I think I understand your question, and here is my best answer. The 12 Days of Christmas. Code is a song for children to […]

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Historical Context

It is part of the historical context of the author's perspective, or are two completely different things? Can you explain what exactly they are. What I discovered was – Normally, the author tries to use the narrative voice to accept or reject the historical context in which the piece is based. The historical context is, […]

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Historical Black Colleges

When sitting in class talking about all different kinds of ways students get into the schools and my question is can a person get into a historical black college or university as a mature student or do not have to finish high school or GED. Well, I have the answer here. HBCU accept adult students […]

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