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I was going to make a poster or powerpoint, but most people are doing that and we have more brands with creativity. I was thinking of making a video, but what are we supposed to submit, that will be a little difficult. Some of the information that we will be presenting is the geographical information, the importance of the country, its government, 5 people important historical time line, the language, the music, the food, the dramas, the label, tourist attractions, etc. Basically … North and South Korea are two different entities. Communist North and South are normal (not sure corroborate the order: D) You see, what to do is this. Start with a regular poster. Draw a line in the middle and separate the two (north and south by one on the other side) and then do the basics add all the information. Then on top of this final poster, get another one, and make it poster covers information. But it would have to beat, to open like a door. So to open the flaps to see the information. Then on the sign hanging at the door at the top, to show that you understand the separation of north and south korea, you should draw or paste Korea, the country land. But make sure it goes in the middle and cut the country in half to show the importance of the north and south korea separation. If you need further help me to explain just email me: D u really need to know what ur research first before trying to make a plan for disposal. Please always bear this in mind.