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In the Bible's historical accounts are based on real events Is there something like this now if so an example would be appreciated. I was so happy to find this – I think I understand your question, and here is my best answer. The 12 Days of Christmas. Code is a song for children to be able to recite their true faith in the Catholic Church, as Jesus left them, and to do so in a way they would not get their murdered parents (or they frankly). Read the link below. And the link next to it gives many more historical stories based on true events, in a religious context. This is a true story. The 12-day song we all know and love so much is an integral part of the history of the Catholic Church in England following the renewed persecution of the Catholic Church under Queen Elizabeth. Recall that Henry VIII quickly went crazy and although he was a faithful Catholic, a friend of the Pope and the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V (Spanish Hapsburgs and Austria), who wanted a son. His real wife, a Spanish princess, he gave a girl (Mary Queen of Scots o). After the pope refused to negotiate with him and annul the marriage of Catherine of Aragon, the seniorita was the only legitimate wife of Henry, King went crazy. He killed their wives to seek a son for him, finally carry one. But Isabel was the illegitimate daughter who was under her maiden concubinage. His son died as a child, so Lizzy became a queen. And she basically Catholics persecuted whenever I could, because he loved the power he had reached it. Henry took hostage the Catholic Church, the name was changed to the Church of England, the Pope sent to all bishops appointed back to the mainland (or killed) and appointed their own clergy. He destroyed most of the English monasteries (which is why Dickensonian England was accurately described as a sewer live .. There were no monasteries to serve the poor, as in the rest of Europe). He confiscated the wealth of the Catholic Church, which was so popullar in England, historians in the 1990s the Databased records showing that there was an endless increase voluntary donations, requests for Masses to be read, and other support for the Church before Henry went crazy. In this context, Catholics went underground because Elizabeth I killed several thousand of them in his personal inquisition. That's also the story. As are the hundreds (700 or less) Protestants who her sister Mary Queen of Scots had killed as heretics against the Church. Mary, Bloody Mary call us today. Her sister Lizzie, who killed 10 times more people, they revere. Such is the success of liars in the Protestant world of academia during Enlightenement. But that will change.

The first story is told from memory, so we invite you to investigate for more exact details (: The second reads Dream World Bank Com ..