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Historical sources

For sources of faith, what I have: Documents written by believers moved by the Holy Spirit. I am not getting what are historical sources. Any help? Please no rude comments will be deleted. After looking around, I learned – The historical sources are the things we found in the historical record: Archeology, contemporary sources, preferably * multiple * sources. For example, while the Bible tells the story of the Exodus, the Jews of Egypt, which was written hundreds of years after the supposed reality, which is very problematic. There are people who believe in Him by faith, because it is in the Bible, but there is no historical evidence of it. No tales of slave uprisings, no record of a drowning Pharaoh in the Red Sea, there is no record of 10 plagues hit Egypt, etc. There is archaeological evidence of Jewish presence in Egypt either. Those would all be historical sources. Of course, the absence of evidence is not the same as evidence of absence. As I tell my students, in 1000 years I doubt that there is no historical record of me. That does not mean I do not exist. However, some of the events in Exodus are so great that it is very problematic that no one mentions.