ECO S Eugene

Economic S Eugene

Historical Romance

I'm writing a historical novel in the minute and I wondered if there was a set formula on how it should go. I read somewhere that boy meets girl, fall in love, something happens to the girl, something happens to my boy, are separated for some time and finally get back together. Is that or is there more. What I discovered was – I do not think that matters "order" things will, as long as they meet at the beginning of the book, not the medium. Conflict throughout the book, at least one major suspense. Fall in love, tell each other. Eplouge then (if you want) I have read many historical romances, many, none of them follow a pattern certian. There is quite a bit different.

Trailer for my novel, can be read here: Www. AUTONOMY. Com or here: Www. Fictionpress. Credits: Com-clips are of Sense and Sensibility, Becoming Jane, Cherie, Star Bright. The music is by Beethoven