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I told him I really would lead to a field that society digitize and maintain their historic photos. These people have a scanning device flatbed digital camera with a nice bear. I have not seen or tested according to both though. What the hell is a standard protocol. First – There are plenty of non-answered questions listed here that understanding is where to start. Age, disease, and assessment of age in the documents should be thought of before undertaking this type of risk. Not required circumstances they behave how damaging the main documents. And so the old document control can cause pain inappropriate wonderful. But there is nevertheless of immense importance for scanned reports of these files, but not only in the understanding of conservation, in addition, the generation of alternative and is available online, and be able to provide original copies correctly located under Stock. Now to answer the main question. Half a camera can not be my decision in principle for scanning registry, especially especially since you want to deal with the lights and the problems of camera lens that target available to you in protection. If the document does not exceed dimensions of how big the protection of smooth, then use the scanning device. Even if you have to scan many portions of a large file, then sew the pieces collectively within a program to modify the photograph, which was to continue using the shield. Materials of very large dimensions, or three goes without saying that you will need a digital camera. 1000s a number of protection test samples each inches must be able to record look much more in comparison with a camera with a typical solution megapixel ten, or a digital video camera typically 35 mm. Graphic measurements produced by a digital camera is less space consuming than the measurements of graphs can be produced by a scanner. You will have to do a lot of conclusions about how to take a look at color or scale off, so the image resolution, depth of uninteresting, as the photographs should be placed, that the format (TIFF, JPG, BMP and many others). However, it is a worthwhile task, and may be useful from a complex perspective, and since in order to familiarize with a brief history will end preservation. Enjoy, and contact us how it works.