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For my homework I need to visit an Ohio place of historic interest. Does anyone have any suggestions. Essentially — William Howard Taft Birthplace is a National Park located in the 2000 block of Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati. Back soon with more. Google lists 1. 3 million hits. General heading Ohio Historical Sites and Ohio Historical Museums and Ohio Landmarks Ohio history, Ohio historical societies, museums and landmarks that are admission free in Ohio including Cleveland Columbus Cincinnati. Www. Ohiotraveler. Com/ohio_historical_society_museums. Htm – Cached – Similar Sites by geographic location And on, and on, and on. There is a brass plaque on Fourth Avenue, Cincinnati, which commemorates the development of a steel with the same expansion coefficient as concrete. That is attributed to a professor at the University of Cincinnati. Now that may seem unimpressive to you, but the combination of that discovery coupled with the invention of the Otis elevator and the fireman’s truck-mounted extension ladder enabled the construction of all skyscrapers throughout the world. Dr. Sabin developed the oral polio vaccine in Cincinnati; the Civic Center is named for him. And there is a truckload of sites in Northern Kentucky.