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Historical novels

What the five best historical novels ever written? It is very difficult to choose only five, and each reader will have their own opinion. For readers who are new to historical fiction, then it is perhaps difficult to know where to start, but by pure emotion combined with rich historical values of the five novels below are a good starting point, and in my opinion represent the top five historical fiction ever written. I left out alternative history and historical fantasy way, as I think it is hard comparing books gender.1. The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco The classic medieval mystery. A series of murders in an Italian monastery on a background of political intrigue. Eco does a remarkable job of showing their knowledge of the period without being boring and creating a smart mystery too.

2. The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas One of my favorite stories of adventure, this is counted a rattling pace and has some great historical figures like Cardinal and King, as well as memorable fictional too. All for one and one for all.

3. Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brian Patrick O'Brian series of novels about the British Navy during the Napoleonic Wars has an ardent following. Like Eco, O'Brian is not afraid of all the details in their environment, which I think really enhances the story he has to say, however, does not diminish the pace of the narrative.4. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy One of my favorite novels of all time. Written nearly 60 years after the events it describes, is perhaps not easy to think of this as historical fiction in some ways – you might imagine that Tolstoy is telling a story that is almost contemporary. However, the events of 1812 in particular, were symbolically central to the idea of Russian nationality, and Tolstoy's writing about the nature of history and the great men is essential reading. But the heart of War and Peace is a very human story.

5. The Last King Julian Rathbone English This is the story of 1066 from the point of view of the English, with King Harold as the last truly English king. This is an excellent interpretation of the events of the Norman invasion and makes you wonder how history might have worked differently if the Normans had been unsuccessful. Historical fiction is a genre with something for everyone, and this is just an idea of some of the great novels available to read in the genre.