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I can not say that masks online are authentic historical photographs of plague doctor masks. Well, I have the answer here. It is not easy to 10 points. The mask appears to have been an invention of Charles de Lorme, a physician, in 1619. However, there seems no existing mask in any museum. They seem to have existed, its appearance is noted in several contemporary accounts, and seems to have been widespread, Nijmegen in the Netherlands to Rome, Venice and Marseilles. Part of the problem in locating one on the internet is the popularity of Assassins 'Creed, and the Venetian Carnevale celebrations – the plague doctors' masks are a popular costume. I just found one. Steno Museum in Aarhus, Denmark . However, the only picture I can find is from a steampunk costume maker and it is unclear whether it is a copy, from antique prints, or the real thing. Herre is the museum's website – you can contact with them to ask if it is a genuine.

Let It Bleed (1969)