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And then use that as proof of the tax cuts for the rich work? Below are historical GDP and tax revenue values. They are in current dollars and inflation adjusted constant dollars. I prefer to take into account inflation. If you were to trace the real GDP (chained 2000 dollars), you would see that every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt could at least have said the economy was the biggest I have ever been. Every president left office with revenues larger than the first time I walked into the office. However, when you start comparing the percentage of real GDP growth, tax revenues, average salaries, etc, etc, you will see that the economy does in fact better than Keynesian Democrats run the country. COUPLE OF EXAMPLES 1) Here are the percentage increase in real GDP of several presidents: FDR 177. 51% (from 32 'to 45' FDR 88. 14% (from 32 'to 41', without WWII) JFK / LBJ 46. 00% CLINTON 33. REAGAN 81% 30. 63% BUSH JR 16. 55% (from 00 'to 06' 2) This is the percent increase in tax revenue adjusted for inflation: FDR 447 54% (40 'to 44', only data available) CLINTON 57 91% JFK / LBJ 37 63% REAGAN 20 16% BUSH JR ….

4. 44% (assuming that the predictions until 2008 waiting) For H troll I know will read this. Allow me to remind you again, real GDP takes into account inflation. Shall not go with normal values of GDP and then say I made a mistake. Sense, yes, there is a great conspiracy theory behind everything. Nothing is legit and not a census of the Department of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Finance, American Society meteorology, the National Academy of Sciences, etc, etc. It must be fun to live in a world where facts can rule does not like third party sources accuse of being biased, and then make your own reality. Cons believe that the tax cuts for the rich better job than government invests in people through education and job training. No amount of facts will convince you otherwise.'s why I think the cons live in a reality based in faith. They believe in these ideas, regardless of the facts. Well, I have the answer. Misleading if not true. This means that the economy is fine. What's wrong with saying that? Tax cuts Bush was for everyone, not just for the rich.