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Historical Books

I would go to college next year and study history. When I was talking to my history teacher last week and I mentioned my interest in studying the story he told me to show how your interests outside of school and also talk about the books I read historical, etc. What you mean historical books? Like novels or non-fiction things? And what kind of books I can read? If anyone knows of any good books that would gopd thanks. I think I found an answer. He is probably talking nonfiction. In the library, after all the poetry section is the story about what can only browse. Do you have any particular interest. For example, if you like a famous person might have a biography, or if you have a hobby that's probably a story written on it. If you like things of biographical, Unbroken, Seabiscuit, beyond Montains Moutains are all pretty good. Just read King Leopold's Ghost. It was really interesting. Also the guy who wrote it was a great scholar, so you can get a good idea of what's going to be a historian. "The award length" is very interesting and easy to read. There is also a book on the subject called "length". Historical fiction is fun to read. Michael Shaara writes some great stuff civil war. Connie Willis put his time travelers well documented in historical settings. Try "to say nothing of the Dog". I find it really interesting alternative history, try 1632 by Eric Flint.