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At one point, the Grant National Historic Site, also known as Grant's Tomb, was one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city of New York. Unfortunately, as time has passed, it became one of the most abandoned and dilapidated historic in America. We will explore the fascinating history of Grant's Tomb and what is being done to reverse decades of neglect. . .The history of the tomb of Ulysses S. Grant Grant was one of the most influential figures in 19th-century America. Not only was a tremendously popular Civil War general, but later served two terms as president and was credited with helping to unite the country after the tumultuous presidency of Andrew Johnson. After leaving office, Grant became a respected statesman, and when he died in 1885, there was a tremendous outpouring of national grief. Plans were immediately put in place for a monument worthy of a man of national stature. Grant spent his last years in New York and had asked to be buried there. The money was raised in the end, for a suitable memorial, a site chosen, and completed construction of Grant's Tomb and the monument in 1897. As hard as it is to believe, the assistance was in place on most days more than the Statue of Liberty. The drop site Unsurprisingly, attendance dropped from its peak in the 1920s as new generations are born and first-hand knowledge of Grant was lost in history. Sadly though, the monument and generally were not treated with the same care and respect as other former presidents sanctuaries. When a site administrator passes to the National Park Service in 1950, a period of forty years of decay and neglect occurred. The National Park Service and the city of New York fought for maintenance and upkeep, and eventually did little to honor and preserve the site. Visitation minimized as testing were removed, Painted historical wall above, and increased deterioration. During 1970 and 1980, about the only visitors were the homeless who used the tomb as a shelter, and those involved in criminal activities. In the early 1990s, Grant's Tomb had deteriorated to a condition best described as deplorable. Restoration efforts in the Grant National Historic SiteFortunately, a group of conservationists stepped in and pushed both the National Park Service and the city of New York to make improvements. The interior is clean from top to bottom, erasing graffiti and safety issues addressed. The site was rededicated in 1997, although the work was much, and remains to be done. There continues to be a battle between the NPS and the city on land issues and maintenance, many improvement projects have a stalemate. Although the site is in significantly better shape than its lowest point in the 1990s, unfortunately, the Grant National Historic Site is probably the worst place historic presidential maintained in America. SummaryThe Grant National Historic Site, also known as Grant's Tomb, has experienced many problems in its 110 + year history. Fortunately, conservation efforts are slowly bringing this important Presidential monument back to its rightful stature. If these efforts continue is difficult to say.

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