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There is a test in San Fransisco to demolish historic prison to put a global hub on it. This is known as Proposition C. I am completley against the demolition of a historic place. How can people even consider such an act? What is your point of view. I think I found an answer. What the hell are really serious. That is horrible ….. People are seriously bad shape if they get rid of Alcatraz is a good idea. I mean there's so much history in this place and people from all over the world come to visit and see jail cell of Al Capone and take night tours and learn about the "ghosts" that haunt him. How many tours have a day? They would lose sooo much money and support, not to mention people like me would be furious with the idea that it's good to take down a landmark. Alcatraz was one of the prison cells more famous because it worked better, because if you ran away you would have a crap load of miles to swim to the shore and swim to the middle would have been able to pick it up. They also made a lot of movies after that were very successful. Besides all that housed famous criminals, and you can walk inside their cells. Also during the fourth of July fireworks have around and looks beautiful. I hope you reconsider doing something so horrible to a place so significant and surprising

Pre Historic People in North America 40 000 years ago