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Is it historical fiction or just historical. Today I learned that … It's historical fiction – but not in the usual sense. Most of the story is historical fiction partly as a backdrop, and another story unfolds in front of her. In this, the actual murder and the search for the murderers is the central idea of the story, but parts of it are 'created' – which means things like conversation between people who are now long dead, and whose words were not recorded, has been made up to suit the situation. Since there has been some creative license taken, must be labeled as historical fiction. There are some other books that fall into this category also somewhat murky. Florida City 'With a silent partner' is the same sort of thing, which is the story of Dr. James Barry, is based on meticulous research – but as Barry died long ago, there is no way to make a direct interview, so conversations had to be done. And should have another category – with the exception of historical fiction – to cover books like this that are very realistic glimpses of a historical event or character.