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I'm moving to an apartment with 3 rooms next year with 5 of my friends. We are all students and have different sleeping schedules ect. What kind of problems we discuss before moving in? What about food? Is it better to have a "community food" style worldwide collaborates money for food in the apartment or is it better for everyone to manage their own meals? Thanks for your help and any advice is appreciated. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. I have lived with many partners before, so here are the things I think are important issues: 1. Community space – living room, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. Basically, everyone has to be respectful of the community space, and cleaning up after themselves in community spaces. Two. Food – I never do community food. I buy what I need to buy for me, and everyone always did well. If someone is hungry, it would not be a big problem, if they ate something of mine – just be sure to replace it the next time you went to the store. I think the food in the community may have difficulties – What if a person eats more than they pay, etc. People can argue about that. Three. Bills – everyone has to be on top of paying the rent and other bills related to housing. So, I just make sure everyone knows what day of rental is due and what bills are due days. The only problem really happens is any actual cleaning, like the bathroom, but it's always been something that one of us would, when we saw him in position to do so, but I guess all I could make everyone responsible for your own bathroom to make sure it is clean to your liking.

The Saklan School students show how awesome it is like to be a volunteer in Alameda County Community Food Bank. We need you to join us – does not requi dance. . .