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Field Museum

Several questions: I am planning a trip to Chicago in the middle of July to spend about 3 days will perhaps Field Museum and other museums nearby. What day of the week is best to avoid the crowds? Both the Field Museum and the Museum of Science? Are there any decent hotels nearby within walking distance of museums? What area of the city is? It is by the lake or north? Money is not a problem, but need not stay in a 4 star hotel or anything. I know this question before, but I'd like more input. Today I learned that … Well, it is best to visit the camp on July 14, is free on that day: But in general, if you visit the museum in mid-week, these are the best days to go. Places go crazy on the weekends. There are plenty of hotels near the Museum of Science and Industry, but there are several near Field Museum – the Essex Inn and Best Western Grant Park, for example. The Museum of Science and Industry is a bit remote, on the south side of Chicago, in Hyde Park, but well worth the visit. It is a fantastic museum. The field is central in the lake in downtown Chicago.

Highlights of The Field Museum, such as mummies from Egypt, and Sue, which is the largest, most complete and best preserved Tyrannosaurus rex. Year: 2008.