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The cities have all the great equipment they use to keep nice parks. Why not start using vacant lots to start community gardens to supplement food banks and homeless shelters. With the economic crisis, these places are not getting the donations they used to. This could be a way to help them out and put vacant land to use. You can buy a lot of carrot seeds for $ 1. The volunteer Master Gardeners programs and shelters itself could do most of the work after preparing the land. Many cities have composting programs too. What do you think. After talking with others on the web, I found the answer. This is being done, what you are asking is expansion. Yes, it is an excellent idea. Some obstacles are all vacant land not owned by the government, much of it need more seeds to grow food, much of it is toxic, no place has the organization in place to do so. To start a program, perhaps you should research existing and pick the brains of those people on how to start another. An additional benefit is that many people live far from shopping FILE even fresh fruits and vegetables, all these people would be really helped by these programs. Have you tried typing "Community Garden" in your favorite search engine?