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We want to organize or a Christian music festival in Beaver County are with bands, children's activities, food, are sending letters of interest to all churches in the county to see if they want to come and share thier mission and communion for the community. We have been asked to propose our idea to board members for possible subscription. We have no budget and the need for trust in the community. Are grants availble. Any advice on how to propose to council members appreciated. Our mission is to educate and share the love of our Lord. After looking around, I learned – Have artists help you gather a list of names of people who are sponsoring the event. You have to pay the advertising sponsors, and they are contributing all the money. Having a sign company doing banners with the names of the advertisers and have the performers often mentions. I'd like you to reconsider your idea of free admission. Fee $ 3 or $ 5. And they stand to make money by selling soft drinks and snacks. If you are brave you can set up booths selling food like pizza (like the state fair does), but you may need to obtain a permit for food preparation. No subsidies. This is something that organize. Get to work.