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Community Food Co-op

I am interested in starting a food co op in my hometown in northwest Ohio. I'm still investigating, but I was just curious, because it is a nonprofit organization and the goal would be for the benefit of the people, was to make a profit from being able to help my family? This is something I really want to do to me and my community, but if there are no financial benefits not want to spend all this time and effort on something that will only make me to be away from my family without any profit. Interested in any advice or information on the subject. . I was so happy to find this – nonprofit means you will not receive any benefit. NPO staffed mostly by volunteers and food donations come from. In order to obtain a certificate of tax exemption, you must prove that it is for the benefit of the community and not their pockets. Every penny should be considered for the donation of food always has to be on the books and the distribution must be verified, you are also the responsibility of the audit and any time the IRS or the Department of Agriculture to see how the food and funds are being allocated. If you are looking for something that I profit, then get a job like everyone else, or start a business.