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Museum Store

Simple facts? -Architect-brief history of the art museums donor-interesting facts. Today I learned that … The Andy Warhol Museum is one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, located at 117 Sandusky Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15212-5890. It is the largest museum in the U.S. Dedicated to a single artist. The museum is housed in a […]

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American Museum of Natural History

I am planning a trip to the Museum of Natural History, but I'm trying to figure out if it'd be easier on the mind and in your wallet to take a train or a bus, but the train or the bus was going there. Basically … The only option is by bus: Martz Trailways bus […]

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Children S Museum

I took my daughter to the children museum yesterday, and when we went it was so cold to the bone that my fingers were numb. I alsways get extremely cold when the temperature is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I love the heat and do not sweat until it gets quite hot (nineties). I've always been […]

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Holocaust Museum

My family is planning a trip to Washington soon and want to see the Holocaust Museum. I heard it was great, but I'm worried about my little brother. He is 10 years old and I have fear that it might be difficult to control. What do you think. I was happy to learn … Honestly, […]

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Louvre Museum

I have the intention of arriving in Paris on the train from London via the English Channel. He wanted to know whether it is advisable to stay at the Sheraton Airport Hotel in Paris if I want to go sightseeing at the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre Museum in Paris and the bridge. Also, how […]

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The Metropolitan Museum

I'm writing a report for the History of Art, and I need to know what building materials were used for a particular piece of architecture. I chose the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I can not find much information on what materials were used in the construction of the facade. If you know what material […]

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War Museum Ottawa

I am a recent high school graduate. I got all my credits to help graduate except one (they are all my English credits). I’ve done locally developed English in my school, but I knew it would be strong enough for the whole English applied because I write different kinds of things. My great needs resource […]

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Jewish Museum

I’m doing a work about the Jewish Museum Berlin by Daniel Libeskind. I need to know the current form det concept of the museum. I know it is a principle of David broken but if someone could help me with any image or idea figures behind showing the form. Thank you. You know what I […]

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