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British Museum

Among the many attractions of contemporary London such as the Houses of Parliament, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace, which can be considered as the unforgettable "king" among them, is the British Museum. Britain's national museum of archeology and antiquities was established by an Act of Parliament in 1753, when the government bought three large private collections consisting of books, manuscripts, prints, drawings, paintings, medals, coins, seals, cameos and curiosities natural. Today, home to about seven million objects from all continents, the British Museum is considered the most popular and famous museum in the world.Located in London's Bloomsbury, the British Museum of archeology and ethnography collections are particularly outstanding. Being one of the major tourist attractions in London, visitors can admire the famous holdings as the Elgin Marbles, carvings Athenian Parthenon, the Rosetta Stone, the Portland Vase, the Benin Bronzes, Egyptian mummies, and pottery Chinese. His collection of drawings has over 2,000 drawings that constitute the largest and most comprehensive collections in the world.Since opening its doors on January 15, 1759 the museum has been illustrating and documenting the story of human development and culture from its earliest years to the present. Because the British Museum charges no admission fee, except for some temporary special exhibitions, the interested public worldwide line up outside their doors waiting to get into their showrooms amazing gallery and admiring the many human creations stay there.However, some of their most prestigious units such as the Parthenon marbles and bronzes of Benin are among its most controversial collections. These collections are the subject of much controversy and political debates from several organizations to lobby for their return to their home countries of Greece and Nigeria, respectively. But despite the harsh criticism, the British Museum has refused to return collection, arguing that if the British Museum was returned to its geographical origin of any of their current possessions mean empty rooms for a large number of museums around the world. Although critics argue that these artifacts, among others, must now return to their home countries, the British Museum continues to support that it is an appropriate custodian and has an inalienable right through these creations contested under British law. However, the fact remains that the British Museum is one of the top destinations in London should not miss when circumstances permit a trip to one of the most famous and interesting capitals of the world.

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