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I know this may sound silly, but I love Toronto Museums. My favorite is the ROM, I swear I've been there more than 7 times. : $ I've been to the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art, still have to go to the Bata Shoe Museum lol. Hamza Niagara Falls is Toronto, wtf. There's a reason why they are called the Niagara Falls, perhaps because they are in Niagra. You know what I found? There are many to choose from. I think the favorite is the main attraction of the highest free-standing structure in the world, the CN Tower. A 553 m. Alto, you can actually see the whole city on a clear day. You can probably see Rochester, NY from the tower to the other side of Lake Ontario, including Niagara Falls. Another striking feature of the tower is the glass floor that can hold the weight of about 14 hippos. And yes. . You're right, Toronto's museums are not too bad. They have really changed the facade of the ROM recently. Now it looks much different than before — more new and improved.

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