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Nature Museum

Curious Expeditions Foter Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) What are some good nature museums, centers or aquariums in southern new england to bring children to? Suggestions other than the ones in Boston would be great because I think they’ve been to those. Do you know what I found? Massachusetts Audubon members enjoy […]

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Museum Of History

Does anyone know where I can find a discount on tickets for the Museum of Natural History in New York? And also if possible for the Hayden Planetarium next to it? Thanks so much to all who answer and Happy New Year. I was so glad to find this — The Museum of Natural History […]

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Museum Design

For a 8th grade school project, my group of 3 people will have to build and design our own museum, the approximate size of a school desk or larger. We have picked a Science Museum. I really could use your help with coming up with exhibit/room ideas or ways to make it creative. So far;; […]

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Pre Historic

I have to do an assignment on “Comparative analysis on representation of the body from pre historic to roman era. ” Now all I find on wikipedia and elsewhere on the web is “detailed” info on pre historic/ roman art. . But the thing is I have my submissions tomorrow, an I’m clueless as to […]

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Rom Museum

I am wanting to take a girl on a date to the ROM, but I don’t want to do it on a day that will be super busy, or packed full of kids. What day(s) would you suggest? I have Saturday off work, but I assume Saturdays are likely the busiest day of the week. […]

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Historical Ohio

For my homework I need to visit an Ohio place of historic interest. Does anyone have any suggestions. Essentially — William Howard Taft Birthplace is a National Park located in the 2000 block of Auburn Avenue, Cincinnati. Back soon with more. Google lists 1. 3 million hits. General heading Ohio Historical Sites and Ohio Historical […]

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Historical Houses

I want to go back to the 60s in some cities in CA. Is there anyplace online that features this? Please be specific – I need a site with this exact information, not just CA state house prices. Thank you. I am not looking to buy anything. I’m looking to see what houses cost in […]

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Museum of Science

My aunt told me that there were a lot of young people working there and im only 15 and I do not want to hear anything about not being able to work because I can, but I need a job, but wanted to know before applying. Today I learned that … Science Museum Oklahoma, formerly […]

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