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Economic S Eugene

Art Museums

Of the many art museums in the United States, which is your favorite to visit? This can be any museum in the United States. This can be any museum is large or small, in any American city. Favorite museum =============================================== I visited in the United States is the Detroit Institute of Arts in Detroit, Michigan. Your website is what I discovered was – Chicago has many wonderful art museums and galleries, but my favorite has to be the National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen neighborhood of the city. In addition to mounting exhibitions fabulous dead Day each fall and hosting annual Christmas markets, the museum displays works by many artists famous and lesser-known Hispanics, both past and present. Many exhibitions include different Latino cultures and social issues, and some focus on the local community. I visit several times a year and always see something fascinating and learn something new. Perhaps the best part is walking past the shops and restaurants of the 18 short. Tasty.

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